The main objective of SME Business Forum is to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs, business tycoons, Government officials, CEOs of top corporates & MNCs, thought leaders, initiator of ideas, master of minds, professionals, innovators, business coaches and experts from various industrial sectors, finance, technology, banking, marketing, branding, media, International Trade, Projects, IT, Digital Media, policy makers and Diplomats to share their experiences, thoughts, knowledge, unique ideas and other useful information to enhance skill, capacity, capabilities, reach and scale of members of SME Business Forum.


  • Identify & Connect with new business partners

  • Exchange business leads & enquiries

  • Brand and market new products & services

  • Identify suppliers, buyers and manufacturers

  • Channelise investment, finance, venture capital or private equity

  • Provide Referral Business and recommendations

  • Establish Business Partnership

  • To organise Executive Training Programs

  • Commercialise business ideas and concepts