SME Business Forum platform would like to invite interested entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from Corporates, MNCs, SMEs, PSUs, Banks, Financial Institutions, Co-operative and other Industrial & Business Sectors to become members to take advantage and enhance business contacts, promotion, marketing and branding products & services as well as growth & expansion of business at local and global level.

Advantages for Members

Who Can Become Member ?

Membership Fee - Annual

Delegate Fee for participation of Meetings

Mumbai - Rs.2124/- Ahmedabad - Rs.2124/- Bangalore - Rs.2124/-
Pune - Rs.2124/- Jaipur - Rs.2124/- Rajkot - Rs. 1800/-
Surat - Rs.1800/- Nashik - Rs.1800/- Vadodara - Rs.1800/-
Delegate Fee includes GST*

Interested to apply membership, send request on director@smechamber.com